E-commerce platform for Alshaya Group.

Tamanna.com is an e-commerce platform offering a broad selection of items in categories such as clothing, home decor, jewelry, and more. In 2020, as the pandemic altered consumers' daily habits, Alshaya acted quickly to ramp up the digital transformation of some of its services. Despite having over 3000 physical stores and strong brands in the shopping mall sector, the company lacked the know-how to replicate its offerings in the online space. Given a strict 10-month deadline, coupled with the constraints created by the pandemic, we began by conducting a brief Design Sprint to better understand our target audience and create preliminary personas, as well as map out a potential customer journey we could validate in the future. This laid the foundations for a collaborative process to determine the optimal Minimum Viable Product (MVP) solution.

Research, Strategy, UX Design, Ui design

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